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Top tips to look after your mental health and eliminate stress this Christmas:⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Take a break from it all⁠ ..⁠ Christmas can be overwhelming and it’s OK to take a break when you need to. You might feel pressure to be in the festive spirit 24/7, but it’s fine if you are not.⁠ ..⁠ Do something relaxing and⁠ non-Christmassy for yourself, such as having a bath or listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Mind the alcohol⁠ ..⁠ You might feel tempted or pressured to drink more than usual over Christmas but alcohol is a depressant and can affect your mental health.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Try a mindful walk⁠ ..⁠ Yes, it is cold out there but it is ­important to get outside if you can and enjoy the fresh air.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️ Forget about perfection⁠ ..⁠ Many of us feel pressured for ­everything to be exactly how we pictured – from the beautifully decorated tree to the big dinner.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Get some rest⁠ ..⁠ Our sleep patterns can become disrupted by Christmas. We often stay up later and do not always catch up on sleep that we’ve missed.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Be crafty with friends⁠ ..⁠ Christmas is the perfect time to flex your creative muscles and save yourself a few bob.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️Exercise outdoors⁠ ..⁠ Exercise can help release festive tension.⁠ ..⁠ Some 94 percent of people who took part in outdoor exercise⁠ activities, such as walking or ­gardening, said green exercise ­activities helped their mental health.⁠ ..⁠ ➡️If it is all getting too much...⁠ ..⁠ Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety don’t stop for Christmas time.⁠ ..⁠ #fitness @bearfit #fitnessnews #getstrongereveryday #fitnessgoals2019 #gymgoals #musclebuilding #musclepump #pushday #gymgrind m#gymaholic m#fitnessmotivation m#fitnessaddict m#gymlife #fitnessfuture #trainhardfeelgood #beintraining #mcfit #pumpen #fitnesdcoaching #gymroutine⁠ #gymday #mondayworkout #upperbodyworkout #workoutideas